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Resist dividing your life into two separate parts!

When I divide my existence into two separate parts—“ministry” and “my life”—guess which one gets the short end of the stick? Guess which one has to get by on my leftover time, my leftover energy, my leftover finances, and my

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Personal, Gone Private, Gone Pagan.

Under the influence of Western Culture, Christianity tends to take on a uniquely individualistic cast, a “Jesus and me” kind of faith. We talk much about a “personal relationship with Jesus.” And it is certainly true that we are brought,

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  • RT @JimGaffigan: A: Let’s pull the movie. There will be a public outcry. Then when we do release it It'll be huge. I’ll email u the details… 3 hours ago
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  • You know what happens when you let your tea oversteep? Bad things, man. Bad things. 1 day ago

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