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A Guest Post from Jen: Thoughts on Week 33

(Editor’s Note: The following is a guest post from my sweet wife, Jen. I continue to be encouraged and amazed by this woman, and hope that you will find this piece informative, encouraging, and uplifting. She will be able to

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Jen’s Pregnancy: Week 20

Today was our 20 week trip to the doctor for my wife, Jen.  Though a normal pregnancy would not have us going to the doctor quite as often this early, ours has not been normal.  If you are new to

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  • First rule of boys night: don't let them get the high ground. Second rule: don't forget the first rule. 11 hours ago
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  • RT @HonestToddler: Said "We forgot to brush" and she said "Those teeth are going to fall out anyway g'night." 13 hours ago
  • RT @greggilbert: What keeps me going as a preacher: Even if they don't technically *remember* a word I say, The Word is still *shaping* the… 16 hours ago

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