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Things I’m Learning, Pt. 1

My Landscaping is not unlike my heart. So, this season of life has rewritten a lot of things in our life.  The household being one of them.  For those of you reading this who are married, you understand how this

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Even a Coin Flip Glorifies Jesus

A coin flip.  That doesn’t so so scary. Heads or tails.  Seems simple enough. 50/50 shot.  That sounds a little different.  It means that 50% of the time, things don’t work the way they do the other half of the

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Jen’s Pregnancy: Week 20

Today was our 20 week trip to the doctor for my wife, Jen.  Though a normal pregnancy would not have us going to the doctor quite as often this early, ours has not been normal.  If you are new to

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Divinely Appointed Destruction, Pt. 2

I’ve been considering a lot of things recently. Why am I so averse to change? Why do I not want to think about all that God is doing in terms of what we are facing as not being about my

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Competency Leading to Complacency

It’s summer time, and that means that I have a bit more time to read than I do in the peak of the liturgical/choral season.  A friend recently recommended to me that I read A Praying Life: Connecting with God

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