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Awaking from sleep when we really prefer the dream…

In seeing the movie “Inception” last night, I found one of the most remarkable and insightful points of the movie made at one of the most “insignificant” times of the movie. Don’t worry, I am not going to spoil anything

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Where Community Fails Us

There has been a spot on resurgence in Christian circles of late that has brought us back to the essential biblical truth of the “communal” nature of the Gospel and of the Church.  However, just as is true with anything,

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Why Christians Might Back Mosque Construction – The Gospel Coalition Blog

According to legal observers, these two issues guide Christian response to the growing number of mosques and facilities for other religions popping up in towns all over America. Certainly, a new mosque is no cause for celebration from Christians who

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Maybe You Deserve to be Persecuted! (via 9Marks blog)

As believers, we are necessarilly going to have a lot of distance between us and those who don’t follow Christ.  We live differently, love differntly, hope differntely.  We’re citizens of a different country. But it might be helpful if we

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Things I’ve Learned as We Round the Corner to Week 25

Something miraculous happened this morning. No, it wasn’t finding a Starbucks accidentally in a Kroger shopping center in Aiken, SC. And it certainly wasn’t me actually finding a parking spot this morning at the hospital.  No, it was actually that

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