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Redefining “Kingdom Building” by deconstructing “Kingdom Building”

In thinking about what a rediscovery of a “doctrine of vocation” might look like in our contemporary context, we must turn our attention to the notion of “building the kingdom of God” and the problematic trappings that come with the

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The Task of the Church, and the Task of Her Leaders

In considering what leadership in the church must look like in order for the people of God to be equipped to work for the redemptive good of the kingdom in whatever sphere of influence they have been called to, I

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Some Thoughts on (about) Labor Day

Some early church fathers co-opted pagan holidays and turned them into Christian celebrations. Labor Day is ripe for a Christian takeover. A day that had its origins in the early struggles of the labor union movement is now little more

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Decrying a “god-of-the-gaps” theory of creation

As religious leaders (rightly) hit back at Professor Stephen Hawking for insinuating that there is no intelligent design behind the universe, I found this quote by Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks to be one of the simplest, most coherent arguments for

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Justification By Attendance (via TheResurgence)

I am not against counting things when it comes to church. The old adage which says, “We count people because people count” may be trite, but it is true. We should count the things that we keep track of. But

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