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Lessons Learned?

There is a story recorded about the historiographer Socrates which I thought was interesting. Socrates, the ecclesiastical historiographer, reports a story of one Pambo, a plain, ignorant man, who came to a learned man, and desired him to teach him

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The Church, The Table, and Role-Play

Editors Note: The following block-quotes are from Peter Leithart’s Westminster Theological Journal article: The Way Things Really Ought to Be: Eucharist, Eschatology, and Culture “Despite well-founded objections, ritual theory can serve as a useful corrective to the myopia of some

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The Perpetual Middle-Class

In Counterfeit God’s, Tim Keller writes: “Why can’t anyone in the grip of greed see it? The counterfeit god of money uses powerful sociological and psychological dynamics. Everyone tends to live in a particular socioeconomic bracket. Once you are able

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Thoughts on Sovereignty, Salvation, and (more-than) Soul-Care

How do we begin to show people that a full-orbed view of the kingdom involves more than just salvation? Webber points out what is the dominant trend in much of Christian worship: “The exclusive preoccupation with the satisfaction theory of

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Worship as Language: Where do we go from here?

This little mini-series of worship (and music) as language is coming to an end; for a recap of all the posts, they are linked here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4. In order to conclude our discussion, we

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