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To Listen and Reflect

(The following post is a lightly edited version of a pastoral article I wrote for my church a few weeks ago.) There is something strangely odd about “evaluating” a sermon. Oh sure, we all joke about how the menu for

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From around twitter today (5/30/12)

This… The establishing of God's Kingdom in the world is not contingent upon our programs, methods, Tweets or nifty PowerPoint presentations. — Elyse Fitzpatrick (@ElyseFitz) May 30, 2012 And this… God brings His Kingdom in through the prayer He creates

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Worship as Language: A Biblical Analogy

In unfolding the argument about generational memory, contemporary issues, and biblical grounding in application, it might be helpful to track back over to part 1 and part 2. And for the sake of this reading, take a look at 1

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Reflections: The Church, The West, and the Pervasive Temptation to a “Ballot Mandate” of Church Life

Recently in a discipleship weekend seminar taught at my church I taught a series of material that I collaborated on with another friend of mine, where the topic of discussion was spirituality that is taught in the bible and championed

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Redefining a “Culture-War”

Admittedly, this next quote is a bit long, and could be complex. I encourage you to thoughtfully read and process it all. For Christians to regard the work of culture in any literal sense as “kingdom-building” this side of heaven

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