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Working for the good of those around us.

James D. Hunter has outlined some very significant, worthwhile concepts in his book that are worth considering by all. The trouble that he sees in our current cultural context is that we have relegated everything to the political realm of discourse, and

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Some thoughts on “Why”, and Week 32.

I am so grateful for the faithful prayers of God’s people. Miraculously, we have gotten to week 32 (the mere utterance sends chills down my spine as I think about the fact that NO ONE thought we would be here).

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Redefining “Kingdom Building” by deconstructing “Kingdom Building”

In thinking about what a rediscovery of a “doctrine of vocation” might look like in our contemporary context, we must turn our attention to the notion of “building the kingdom of God” and the problematic trappings that come with the

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Pregnancy Update from Jen: Week 28

(Editor’s Note: this is a guest post from my sweet wife Jen, giving a fairly comprehensive roundup of where we are right now, and very specific ways that you can be praying for us. She will see any comment you

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10 Days could be Life or Death: Pregnancy Update, end of Week 22

No news is good news.  That is always a welcome saying in our house these days.  But it is especially nice when it comes from the doctor. Here is what we know right now. God is answering prayer.  Our baby

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