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How is Advent meaningful when we know the message and the story so well? Because Advent is not just about remembering God’s story, but rather a time to have our lives undone and rewritten into God’s story. +++ As I

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Worship: Thermostat or Thermometer?

I have the good fortune of being the proud son of an HVAC engineer. Though I am not in a field of engineering, nor do I have the skills necessary to be an engineer, I did learn (at a young

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The Church, The Table, and Role-Play

Editors Note: The following block-quotes are from Peter Leithart’s Westminster Theological Journal article: The Way Things Really Ought to Be: Eucharist, Eschatology, and Culture “Despite well-founded objections, ritual theory can serve as a useful corrective to the myopia of some

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First Thoughts: The Complication of (Church) Choirs

Editors Note: In my doctoral studies, one of the biblical components I am dealing with is the use of, and biblicity of, choirs in the context of public worship. While this piece may come across as contrarian, I hope my

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Some First Thoughts on Context and Covenant Faithfulness

“Under the Davidic covenant, the nations were particularly encouraged to join in Israel’s homage to God. They were encouraged to sing along.” via From Silence to Song: The Davidic Liturgical Revolution (Peter Leithart) This statement has pretty strong implications for how

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