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Regarding the notion “We better find out what they think.”

Working through Webber’s “Ancient-Future Worship” has once again brought me colliding with statements that conflict not only with contemporary thought, but in many instances, contemporary practice of worship. Consider this: “I am concerned over how worship has become a program,

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On Piety, Pragmatism, and Rationalism

It has struck me afresh how often we pay lip service to big, deep, mysterious things… but those things feel sometimes like they are for show more than anything else. In my reading for the Doctor of Ministry that I

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Reflections: The Church, The West, and the Pervasive Temptation to a “Ballot Mandate” of Church Life

Recently in a discipleship weekend seminar taught at my church I taught a series of material that I collaborated on with another friend of mine, where the topic of discussion was spirituality that is taught in the bible and championed

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When things don’t fit: Why Story Matters.

I recently came across this piece from regarding the expiration of TARP, and the quandary that many in the news media faced themselves to be in, as they had no way to categorize what had happened based on the narrative they had built.

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Decrying a “god-of-the-gaps” theory of creation

As religious leaders (rightly) hit back at Professor Stephen Hawking for insinuating that there is no intelligent design behind the universe, I found this quote by Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks to be one of the simplest, most coherent arguments for

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